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Event Venue & Transportation Info

The Venue

  • Mansion in Davenport, FL

  • The Mansion is INCREDIBLE! With Amenities like a:
    >>Lazy River

    >>Basketball Court
    >>A bowling alley
    >>Private conference rooms
    >>Resort Like Pool
    >>Multiple 15'+ TVs
    >>and more...


  • February 1 (Thursday):
    >> 8:15 - 9 am -VIP Only Breakfast

    >> 9-5 pm - VIP Only Training (Catered Lunch)
    >> 6:30 - 8:30 pm - Meet & Greet For All Attendees (GA+VIP)

  • February 2 (Friday):
    >> 8:15 - 9 am - VIP Only Breakfast
    >> 9 am - 5 pm - Mastermind Session

  • February 3 (Saturday):
    >> 8:15 - 9 am - VIP Only Breakfast

    >> 9 am - 5 pm - Mastermind Session (Catered Lunch - GA+VIP)
    >>7 - 9 pm - Catered Dinner GA+VIP

  • February 4 (Sunday):
    >> 8:30 - 9:30 am - VIP Only Breakfast

    >> 9:30 am - 12:30 pm - VIP Only Private Training Session
    >>2:30 - 7:00 pm - Pool Party Mix & Mingle with DJ and OPEN BAR!

Airport & Hotel Guide

Your Speakers

Patric Shannon

Patric Shannon is a serial entrepreneur and speaks all over the country on SEO, Google My Business Optimization, and Lead Generation.

Patric not only owns a 7-Figure agency, he also developed his own marketing automation, CRM, and suite of lead generation software tools that have helped countless marketing agency owners scale and dominate in their niche.

Patric is a mentor and coach to thousands of marketers and agency owners focused on local SEO, lead generation, and rank and rent.

Chris Moore

Chris Moore is an entrepreneur, investor, full stack digital marketer, and best-selling author. Chris has a strong background in business development, customer experience design, and business growth strategy.

Chris has helped build and scale several companies earning him 2 INC 5000 awards in the last three years as well as several other equivalent awards and recognition in the digital marketing industry.

Currently, Chris is the COO of a large business acquisitions training company that he has recently scaled over 7X in the past 12 months.

Manick Bhan

Manick Bhan is the founder and CTO of LinkGraph – a digital marketing firm that helps agencies and enterprise brands scale through data-driven SEO, a member of the INC 5000 Awards and winner of the Drum Search Awards.

He is also the creator of SearchAtlas, an SEO automation platform used by thousands of brands and agencies.

With 10+ years of experience in Search Engine Optimization from the in-house and agency side, Bhan has taught both startups and Fortune 500 companies how to scale their brands with a data-driven SEO strategy that can break into any market with ease and outrank even the biggest of competitors.

Eddie Maalouf

Eddie Maalouf is the Founder and CEO at 4Media Marketing, an ecommerce advertising agency focused on content creation, paid advertising, email marketing, and more. The agency focuses on brands already allocating at least $10,000 in ad spend per month and then scales them into fast-growing direct-to-consumer brands.

Before founding 4Media, Eddie was the number one sales representative at Lifetime Fitness. He is also the Co-founder of Tiny Towne International, where he managed all social media, public relations, and marketing growth.

Amiee Ball

As a visionary entrepreneur over the last 15 years, Amiee Ball has worked with over 10,000 business leaders including Fortune 500 companies for transformative success.

Her expertise extends beyond the corporate realm to impacting the lives of individuals and small businesses alike, where her insights ignite personal and professional revolutions.

As a mom, investor, published writer and growth expert, Amiee understands the rollercoaster demands of daily life. Her journey from digital marketing maven to being a revolutionary in business trust and authenticity reflects her commitment to nurturing real connections. She champions a world where success blends authentic personal growth with professional impact!

Ryan Cook

Ryan D. Cook, a dynamo in the digital marketing realm! With his keen insight into digital media and a knack for conversion-based advertising, Ryan stands out as a strategic maestro. He's not just a strategist; he's a team builder, fostering environments rich in speed, compassion, and candor. When he's not revolutionizing marketing strategies, Ryan is a family man, teaching his kids the joys of skiing and golf. At All Hour Plumbing, he skyrocketed the company's growth, leading to a lucrative acquisition. Now at Dunzo, he's ambitiously driving growth, focusing on harnessing AI to streamline operations. Get ready to be inspired by Ryan's journey and insights into integrating AI in the marketing agency world!

Casey Richardson

Casey Richardson is a Partner & Co-Founder at Craft Agency Group, a white label agency specializing in lead generation Facebook Ads. Focusing on niche agencies working with local service providers, Craft fills a gap in the white label marketplace - offering Facebook Ads at the highest level possible. Casey is known for his data-driven approach and expertise in testing and optimization, making him one of the most sought after strategists in the industry.Casey’s dedication to the agency community runs deep, and in addition to being a trusted service provider for some of the fastest-growing agencies in the country, he is also a coach, consultant, and speaker.

Terry Samuels

In SEO, few names resonate as powerfully as Terry Samuels.

Combining years of industry experience with a passion for sharing knowledge, Terry has established himself as a prominent SEO speaker and thought leader. His insights have shaped businesses’ strategies and led them toward digital marketing success.

An eloquent speaker, Terry Samuels knows how to captivate his audience. But beyond this, he translates complex SEO concepts into easily understood, actionable steps. His clarity of expression and deep understanding of SEO make him a trusted source of information for businesses aiming to boost their online presence.

"I am so excited to bring an incredible line up of speakers, content, and training that will take your lead generation agency to the next level."

Patric is a rank and rent master, agency owner, lead generation specialist, entrepreneur, and owner of LeadSnap who has mentored and guided countless lead gen marketers over the past several years.

This Event Will Be LIFE CHANGING For Many

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